Wrong about Obama

Wrong about Obama

I am sorry to say that I supported the president’s election in 2008. I strongly feel that he is an embarrassment to his office and perhaps the worst president in our history.

I do not say this merely because I oppose many of his domestic and foreign policies. Rather, I perceive that under his “leadership” he has severely compromised the status, respect and standing of the USA around the world. He has betrayed our allies and “reached out” to our enemies. The decline of international American respect, power and influence has opened a vacuum which is being filled by savage terrorist entities. This has greatly increased the danger to American national security.

He has compromised the relationship between the executive branch and the Congress. He has ignored the question of constitutionality of several of his initiatives.

He has shown little ability to work harmoniously and constructively with his political opponents, resorting rather to the hostile childlike petulance of “finger pointing”. He is against compromise- holding rigidly to the view that his views (only) are correct. He fails to perceive the many contradictions in his assertions.

I hope that during his remaining tenure he will come to an understanding of his ineffectiveness.

I plan to share my thoughts with my legislative representatives both on the federal, state and local levels. I will urge my friends (both to the “left” and to the right”) to do the same.