Wrestling with destiny

Wrestling with destiny

Friday, Feb. 12, marked the commencement of the Henry Wittenberg Yeshiva Wrestling Tournament and marked the culmination of a long season of training and unforgiving meets for yeshiva high school wrestlers.

The yeshiva high school wrestling league pits wrestlers against both public schools and other yeshivas in a more than five-month-long season. Some yeshiva wrestling teams practice several times a week including on the weekends, often accumulating to more time than any other sports team.

But being on the wrestling team is a lot more than attending practices and meets.

Says Matthew Plotnick, a member of the Frisch team and second place winner at the Wittenberg tournament in the 135 weight bracket, “Wrestling becomes a lifestyle that affects your attitude, diet, and work ethic for the better.”

On Feb. 12, Jewish wrestlers from 10 different yeshiva high schools were placed into weight brackets, with the opportunity to showcase their abilities and a season of hard work. The winner of each weight class is awarded a national title as the best Jewish wrestler in the country at that weight.

The tournament, named after a former Jewish Olympic medal-winning wrestler, just completed its 15th year. In addition, the yeshiva wrestling league has just completed its new Website and all scores from the tournament have been posted for your convenience.

Make sure to take a look at the Hall of Fame, which lists all the wrestlers who have qualified for the recognition since the inception of the tournament.

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