Worrying about Iran

Worrying about Iran

There is a great parallel between the current Gazan missile crisis and the Cuban missile crisis. Except we in the United States were able to stop any of it before the rockets started to rain on New York from our dear little neighbor.

Currently Hamas is trying to figure out just how many simultaneous rockets are needed before the Israeli anti-missile system lets one through. Their Iranian masters need to know shortly as they complete the work towards a deliverable nuclear bomb.

Our Kerry feels it appropriate to be sarcastic about Israel. Yet at the same time he is being beaten by the Iranians in a negotiation that has taken a long time and yielded nothing of importance.

Former President Bush was the first one to give up fighting the Iranians. Then came Mrs. Clinton, who stated in a speech to the American Israel Political Action Committee in New York in 2008 that we need to talk to the Iranians to get to know them. I was the only one in the audience hissing. She got her chance and together with the president came up with nothing.

Will Iran be content to bomb only the Little Satan or will they go for us in New York as well?

Kerry is sarcastic with the Israelis, but the sarcasm he should worry about is the one of future history teachers.