School of Rock to celebrate 40th anniversary with 40 coast-to-coast events

Forty years after music filled the air at Woodstock, a new generation of musicians is stepping up to pay tribute. In honor of the landmark 40th anniversary of the most famous event in rock history, kids from The Paul Green School of Rock Music are taking the stage at 40 Woodstock tributes in festivals from New York City to Miami and Chicago to San Diego – all during the anniversary weekend.

Officially sanctioned by Woodstock Ventures’ Michael Lang, Joel Rosenman, and Jennifer Roberts, the 40 concert events will feature local kids from School of Rock branches around the country. The School of Rock kids will also be featured in the upcoming two-hour documentary “Woodstock: Now & Then,” set for broadcast in August on VH1 and The History Channel.

“It’s really about bringing Woodstock to the next generation,” said Woodstock founder Michael Lang. “Roots are important, musical and cultural, and 40 years after the festival, we’re thrilled to have kids from the Paul Green School of Rock join us as the youngest part of the Anniversary celebration.”

School of Rock founder Paul Green expressed his excitement as well.

“At the School of Rock, we believe that music and its enjoyment should not be limited by when it was created,” he said. “We are truly honored to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, a monumental musical and cultural event.”

The Paul Green School of Rock, South Hackensack will perform its Woodstock program at Mexicalli Live in Teaneck on Saturday. For information, visit www.schoolofrock.com/bergencounty/concerts_school.php.

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