Women in politics

Women in politics

As a Jewish woman serving my second term on the Englewood City Council, I read your cover article with much appreciation. Featuring Senator Loretta Weinberg on the cover is perfect because she represents the ethical standards of governance that all elected officials should demonstrate.

I am the only woman on the current Englewood City Council (elected after 11 years of an all-male council). In New Jersey, where the party bosses meld politics and the business of government, it is a struggle worth fighting and Jewish ethics perfectly outline right from wrong.

I attended Ready to Run training from CAWP (Center for American Women and Politics) before running five years ago and attended the Jewish Women’s breakfast recently at the N.J. League of Municipalities. My goal is to always encourage more women to run – we indeed make a difference to the agenda and the follow-up on hard issues, making city government work for the taxpaying residents.