With friends like these…

With friends like these…

Can the naïveté of some of our fellow Jews possibly be due to their insular environment? I can’t imagine why else they would believe that right-wing Christians are friends of the Jews because they support the State of Israel. With friends like that, Jews don’t need enemies.

Have any of your letter-writers listened to right-wing Christian preachers? Have any read the “Left Behind” series of right-wing Christian books? Have any been the subject of concern by right-wing Christian acquaintances, as I have, that I, a Jew, will burn in hell if I do not accept Jesus as my personal savior? Are they not aware of the underlying attitude toward Jews?

The Christian right-wing is awaiting the “Rapture,” when Christians ascend to heaven during the “end times.” They believe it will arrive only after the Jews have returned to Israel and converted to Christianity. They foresee horrible deaths for those Jews who do not convert. Support for the State of Israel is not equivalent to friendship toward Jews as Jews.