Why Graham Greene May Never Have Won the Nobel Prize

Why Graham Greene May Never Have Won the Nobel Prize

Graham Greene (1904-1991), the gifted British novelist (“The End the Affair,” “Our Man in Havana,” “The Third Man”), never won the Nobel Prize for Literature, and this failure “has sometimes been ascribed to the untimely anti-semitism of his pre-war novels,” to quote Professor John Carey of Oxford.

Greene’s anti-semitism was “casual,” like T.S. Eliot’s and G.K. Chesterton’s; as Carey points out, “it was typical of Greene’s class and time.” (By the way, I have a letter from T.S. Eliot apologizing for the anti-semitic tone of some of his poems.)

Occasionally Greene would write “entertainments”-thrillers. In one of them, “A Gun for Sale,” there’s a “venomous Jewish industrialist, Sir Marcus, in league with international Jewish financiers and armaments manufacturers.” The Hollywood film made from the book, “This Gun for Hire,” with Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, did not identify the evil industrialist’s religion or ethnicity.

In another of Greene’s “entertainments,” “Brighton Rock,” there’s a Jewish gang leader named Colleoni: “He looked as a man might look who owned the whole world…the cash registers and the policemen, Parliament and the laws which say ‘This is Right and this is Wrong.'”

Professor Carey comments: Hitler “would have applauded Greene’s portrait of Colleoni….”

The subsequent film, “Brighton Rock,” starring Richard Attenborough, did not suggest that Colleoni was Jewish.

Carey’s conclusion: “In retrospect it seems regrettable that Greene should have published material that allowed such [negative] inferences to be drawn at a time when the persecution of Jews in Germany was already well advanced and many refugees were seeking asylum abroad.”

In 1981, Greene won the Jerusalem Prize for the Freedom of the Individual in Society, a high honor.

I’m glad he never won the Nobel.


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