Where’s the criticism of blast at Hagee?

Where’s the criticism of blast at Hagee?

I am amazed that not a single letter appeared in the Jewish Standard condemning the McCarthy-like attack on John Hagee in the August 24 editorial, “Sheep’s clothing.”

The editorial starts with a legitimate attack on Geert Wilders and his contradictory pro Israel but anti-Semitic position in the Netherlands. The editorial also questions the support of Jews for Geert Wilders. I have no problem with this strong criticism.

And now comes the real purpose of the editorial, an unrelated, gratuitous attack on the evangelicals, the Christian right, and John Hagee: “The lesson applies equally to Jewish support for the John Hagees of the Christian right.”

The writer does not cite any position or statement of the Christian right that is anti-Semitic or anti Israel. None are necessary. They are the enemy just because their politics are not his. They are the anti-Semites in sheep’s clothing.

It is interesting to note that just to the right of the editorial is an op ed by Robert Wistrich, called “How the contemporary left can reclaim its moral authority.” Dear editor, please read the article. Mr. Wistrich recognizes the contemporary left as the true anti-Semites and anti-Zionists. There is no disguise. They do not feel the need to wear sheep’s clothing.