What Should I Have Answered?

What Should I Have Answered?

What should I have answered…?

I attended a concert at a Protestant church not long ago, and there were a few Jewish singers performing there, singing Jewish songs.

How many people here are Jewish? someone asked from the stage.
I stood up-as did about 15 other people.
And we stood up when the Israel national anthem was played.
As the concert ended and everyone walked out, I walked past a row of church members.

“Jeeeeews!” one man muttered quietly and contemptuously as I walked past him.

I ignored him.

I’ve thought what I should have replied. If anything…

“Goyim” contemptuously?

No, that would have brought me down to his level.

I’ve thought about it a lot…and decided that my best response might have been…quietly and contemptuously…


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