What about medical marijuana?

What about medical marijuana?

In his column, “The non-Jews who love us,” (Oct. 17) Shmuley Boteach writes that in a recent speech in South Korea the audience was “galvanized by the Jewish message that to achieve peace we must hate and fight evil.” I so wish that he practiced what he preaches there.

This past winter, Rabbi Boteach gave a guest of honor award to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has deliberately created policies that prevent sick people, who are suffering from cancer, severe pains, AIDS, and other illness, from getting medical marijuana. There are only about 1,500 active patients and three dispensaries in the state. Other states, like Michigan and Oregon, have 50,000 patients and smaller populations. What is evil, if not knowingly preventing the suffering from being healed?

Rabbi Boteach continues to laud and accept support from Sheldon Adelson, who shares the Christie philosophy, and has recently contributed $500,000 to a group trying to prevent a medical marijuana law from passing in Florida.

Shouldn’t he demand that they stop this inhumane and evil policy, and disassociate himself from them, if he has strong views on what is evil?