We’ll always have ‘Casablanca’

We’ll always have ‘Casablanca’

Some of the Jews who helped make 'Casablanca' a classic

Peter Lorre, the unfortunate Ugarte (a small part, but he made it his own)

S.Z. Sakall, aka Cuddles, Carl the waiter

Leonid Kinskey, the bartender Sacha

Curt Bois, the pickpocket

Marcel Dalio, the croupier

Ludwig Stossel, Mr. Leuchtag (“My dear, what watch?”)

Ilke Gruning, Mrs. Leuchtag (“Ten watch.”)

Hal Wallis, producer

Michael Curtiz, director

Murray Burnett, playwright (with Joan Alison)

Julius Epstein, Philip Epstein, Howard Koch, main screenwriters

Max Steiner, music director

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