Weapons, Jewish history and the Second Amendment

Weapons, Jewish history and the Second Amendment

The mass murder of innocent citizens in Aurora, Colo., is a horrific tragedy. As facts are uncovered, we learn that the perpetrator was under psychiatric care and should never have had access to firearms. The reality in America is much different. There are millions of responsible, law-abiding citizens who own guns.

Though we as Jews would like to believe that responsible governments exist only for the benefit of the people, we need to reflect upon recent history:

• It’s been 72 years since the valiant Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

• It’s been 71 years since the Bielski brothers were forced into the forests of Belarus to organize Jewish partisans against the Nazis.

• It’s been 67 years since Dov Gruner broke into a British police station in Ramat Gan to seize desperately needed weapons for the Jewish resistance in “Palestine.”

The history of the Jewish people is riddled with abuse, forced deportation, and genocide. I find it inexcusable that this Jewish newspaper chooses to ignore history and consistently calls for disarming the population.