Weapons, Jewish history and the Second Amendment

Weapons, Jewish history and the Second Amendment

I fully understand and approve of our Second Amendment right to bear firearms for use in sports, recreation, and protection in our homes.

However, it is beyond my ability to rationalize why lethal weapons such as high-powered automatic rifles, gas canisters, grenades, etc., along with ammunition capable of piercing the body armor our police wear, should be legally available to the general public. I cannot imagine that our Founding Fathers would have allowed the possession of these types of destructive weapons, which are used only to kill.

This egregious reading of the Second Amendment places all of us, as well as our faithful law enforcement officers, who are mandated to protect us from violent criminals and the aggressive mentally ill (a condition impossible to detect reliably beforehand), in far greater danger.

This situation is intolerable and must be corrected.

Also, the ramifications of this issue go beyond the immediately obvious. We also must consider that terrorists, who take advantage of our protected rights, certainly will use them to attack us in order to achieve their destructive ideology.