We apologize

We apologize

Temple Emeth, Teaneck, Reform

Last week’s issue quoted my personal Facebook page without my permission (Noshes, page 5). The quote lacked the appropriate context for your readers to necessarily understand that I was joking.

The quote identified me as the rabbi of Temple Emeth, but I do not use my personal Facebook page to promote or comment on Temple Emeth. Yet the way the quote appears improperly conflates my personal political affiliation with my nonpartisan role as the rabbi of a congregation.

As a citizen of New Jersey, I am closely watching the allegations and investigations that have arisen from “Bridgegate,” but I have never been targeted or intimidated by the Christie administration.

In the season of Purim, the Standard certainly has the right to tell jokes. But the jokes should be their own, and they should have enough context to be funny.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Rabbi Sirbu is right. We should not have taken his quote without getting his permission, and we are sorry.]