WATCH: The ancient Psalm that became an Israeli classic

WATCH: The ancient Psalm that became an Israeli classic

A simple tune for Psalm 121, Shir LaMaalot has been remade and covered by musicians and singers across the spectrum.

The song Shir LaMaalot, which contains all the Hebrew words of Psalm 121, was originally composed by Breslav Chossid Yosef Karduner. It was eventually sung by scores of Israeli musicians, with a slower, more Middle Eastern, version developing as well.

We’ve gone through all the available cover version and brought you the absolute best – not necessarily in a particular order. Enjoy!

The original composer, Yosef Karduner:

Young Israeli woman sings it at concentration camp site in Poland:

Hip-Hop Version:

Kids’ TV star Rinat sings it with children on her episode “Shabbat With Rinat”:

Ninet Tayeb singing the song on Yehoram Geon’s TV show:

The Andulusian Orchestra’s Middle Eastern version:

Eli Buzaglo’s epic version:

Mosh Ben-Ari and Rita duet:

Shir Ordo at the President’s House:

Inclusive dance version:

Awesome young man’s version:

Meir Green’s music video:

The Israeli bat mitzvah version:

Youth’ Choir MusiKids:

Music School talent show on Israeli TV:

Omer Adam:

And, of course, the bizarre anime version:

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