WATCH: Teach your children well

WATCH: Teach your children well

Tal 'Tula' Ben Ari of Playing For Change fame sings a duet in Barcelona.

Tal Ben Ari ‘Tula’ and Roberto Luti perform “Teach Your Children” in honor of Playing For Change Day in Barcelona, Spain.

Ben Ari began her singing, piano and dance studies at the age of 7 and spent all of her free time during her childhood full of these activities , showing a special passion for music. In the process of her studies, with her teachers, she explored different areas of music, like jazz, soul and Mediterranean folk, also singing in her hometown choir.

Since 2006, Tal has been participating in the famous worldwide project, “Playing for Change”, with whom she recorded several songs and videos and has toured in the United States, England, Brazil and Australia, attributing her voice to the fight for peace and unity through music.

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