WATCH: Rakefet Hanna Amsalem sings

WATCH: Rakefet Hanna Amsalem sings

Eight generations in Tzfat with ancestors in Morocco, Poland and India - a master of piyutim

“Majestic, beautiful, radiance of the universe my soul pines for your love.” –Yedid Nefesh

Rakefet Hanna Amsalem is an eighth generation Israeli descending from the ancient Shababo family of Safed (Tzfat). She also has roots from Poland, Morocco and India, “thus encompassing the entire Jewish world,” according to her bio.
Rakefet has been performing with her guitar both solo and with bands since the age of 15. In 2005, she discovered the intense power of Piyutim (religious poetry) and suddenly she felt that she had found her niche. Piyutim touched her heart and she felt inspired to learn more and explore religious poetry more in depth. She found that when singing Piyutim she felt at one with herself – complete. She studied under different Paytanim (traditional singers) for three years and then arranged everything she had learned and the melodies she had collected into a beautiful disc entitled: Yachad Shivtei Israel – Songs of the Tribes of Israel.

Yachad Shivtei Israel is a collection of Piyutim that represents the spiritual culture and diversity of the Jewish People. The songs are expressions of love, compassion and grace drawn from different parts of the Jewish world, but which speak to all audiences. Rakefet preserved the traditional texts and tunes of the poems, while also incorporating her own authentic style, which is influenced by folk, gospel, blues, rock, klezmir, and traditional religious music.

Yachad Shivtei Israel quickly received high acclaim and she began performing all over Israel. The reaction of audiences and the feelings she experiences during the show continue to inspire Rakefet to share her music with others, so they can experience the special connection it creates to the heart and the soul.

For more details about bringing Rakefet & her band to your community, please contact: Rakefet Amsalem,, 011-972-52-352-1464. You can also find her on Facebook at: rakefet amsalem

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