WATCH: Double-Purim in Israel

WATCH: Double-Purim in Israel

The best glimpse into the insanity a whirlwind Israeli double-Purim can contain

We asked videographer Mark Feder to explain how he managed to get the most incredible Purim footage ever filmed:

“It started when a close friend of mine got engaged. I instantly bought a ticket to Israel for the wedding which was scheduled a week before Purim.

“Sadly the engagement was broken off, leaving me with a ticket to Israel in the middle of a work week. I right away took it as an opportunity to visit the Holy Land during the happiest time of the year. What better place to be? After all, who doesn’t want 2 days of Purim [Jerusalem and other cities walled from the times of the Purim story celebrate the holiday a day after everyone else -ed.]?

“So I changed my flight and packed my bags taking with me my super-steady travel camera. I landed Purim eve in Tel Aviv. From there I celebrated Purim in Tel Aviv, Bnei Barak, Telzstone, and of course the crescendo leading into Shabbat: Jerusalem.

“I just made sure to capture as much as I could to try to share this incredible experience with the world. The 3 minute video hardly does it any justice for the experiences had, so I created a separate YouTube channel for all the RAW videos, so people can get a more in-depth view of what Purim in Israel is all about.

“You can see them all here:


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