WATCH: Music videos says Never Again to ISIS

WATCH: Music videos says Never Again to ISIS

A Jewish mama has had enough: Never Again

She’s from Tzfat and Hendy Zupnick makes incredibly imaginative, evocative music videos.

She writes:

“A Wu Tang Clan inspired rap. A Jewish Mama’s strong response to the ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS). A stance against all forms of racism. This is an educational video encouraging the equality of all Religions. No profit will be made off this video.”

Music Producer: Adush Studio
Videogrophers: Milk&Honey / Noam Dehan
Coeditors: Noam Dehan / HenDee

As i walk down this cobblestone road
I listen to what the ancients have told
Raise my hand to fight AntiSemitisms cold
Wars have me grown bold
Fear me not for the difference of religion
Hate me not for Gods Chosen decision
Have i had a choice in my mothers womb
Or the Jewish star that will rest upon her tomb
Blame me for my being
My beings up for blame
Throw at rocks and fill me with your Shame
I was Born a Jew
I won’t Take it back
I fell in love with its books and its ethical tact
I’m sorry for the roots I found so strong
protecting me from spiritual harm
But I was taught to love every nation
No matter what denomination

No you can’t stop me Now
I’m gonna live my Life
The way I Know how
No you cant Stop me Now
Im gonna Let me Be
I won’t surrender

Never again Never again

Never again shall we march like sheep to slaughter
Never again shall we sit and take orders
My grandmothers last wish will not die with her
I carry her burden
Me and my sister
For this I will, will the strongest Will
Stop the clock time will stand still
Use my tools to educate the People
That all religions are Equal !
Stripped of our culture
Robbed of our name
Raped of our freedom
Thrown into the flame
SO accept me not for the necklace I wear
Or the Gd I fear
But for the Love I SHARE
My heart’s beating just as fast as yours
My love for the world is Greater than yours so Stop threatening my existence
we’re both Humans there is No difference!

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