WATCH: Israeli duo does Adele’s ‘Hello’

WATCH: Israeli duo does Adele’s ‘Hello’

After viral video on our site Israelis submit even more elaborate covers of the hit.

After Israeli singer Jahni Raz’s cover of Adele’s “Hello” blew past 11 million views on our Facebook page, Israelis have been submitting covers of their own.

This one was submitted by Amit & Jonatan. What do you think?

The one that started it all:

Israeli girl outsings Adele in amazing ‘Hello’ coverCould it be that she hits some notes Adele can’t even reach? How cool would a duet be?Meet Jahni Raz: more of the best of Israeli culture and stories subscribe to our free digital edition here: with permission from the artist – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – check out her YouTube channels linked at the end of the video.

Posted by The Jewish Standard on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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