WATCH: Israeli Couple’s incredible Simon & Garfunkel concert

WATCH: Israeli Couple’s incredible Simon & Garfunkel concert

In the comfort of an NYC apartment, everyone's favorite Israeli musical couple played a beautiful show.

Netanel and Tamar were born in Jerusalem. They met during a solo performance given by Tamar, and have been together ever since – in their music and their personal lives.

Tamar was an artist just starting out after having independently distributed her first single, and was on a concert tour to promote her music. At that time, Netanel had been writing and composing music for himself with a dream of one day become a professional.

The married couple’s music gently integrates old and new, and connects between their Jewish sources and the American Folk music (James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel) which they were raised on. Their Debut Album, came out on April 2015, contains folk and country music together with lyrics and melodies influenced by Judaism (including one composed text by Rabbi Kook).

These songs are performed at this home concert:

April Come She Will 00:17
The Sun 02:11
Let Her Go 05:04
Oh Lord 08:50
Nigun 12:19
Here Comes the Sun 15:49
When A Child Is Born 18:47
I’m Gone 22:10
The Boxer 24:34
You Can Close Your Eyes 28:33
500 miles 31:05