WATCH: I don’t ever want to be timebound

WATCH: I don’t ever want to be timebound

British Jerusalemite musicians channel Bowie

Everyone was shocked at the news of David Bowie’s death earlier today. Facebook was swarming with covers and heart warming tributes to an Englishman who was perhaps one of the most iconic artists of this century.

Two British brothers living in Jerusalem responded by releasing “Timebound”; not a Bowie cover, but an original song with an artistic trippy video which fades in and out of a buzzing yet urgent Jerusalem. “Everyone gets shocked when somebody like David Bowie leaves this world, as though we thought he would live forever – In a sense he does,” write the Portnoy brothers. “Through his music and his huge impact on inspiring yet another generation of song-writers and artists like ourselves to keep creating and pushing boundaries. But ultimately, he too is bound by time.”

“And it was that heavy realization that gave them the heavy inspiration to release “Timebound” today and not wait for a day we don’t yet have. “Timebound” is the B-side of their single “Stars aglow” set for release on 26.01.16. It’s also the closing track off their debut album “Learn to Love”.

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