WATCH: HaTikvah on a Finland beach

WATCH: HaTikvah on a Finland beach

What are the chances you go to a beach in a small town in Finland and attract a listener - himself Israeli?

“I can’t believe what just happened. There is a story to this video. I spontanousely decided to go with the guitar to the beach to sing “Hatikvah / The hope” the national anthem of Israel. And as I am about to finish the song a men sits opossite me. The song ends and he applauds, smiles and says “Todah rabah!” meaning “thank you” in Hebrew and you can hear him saying it at the end of the video. Just keep in mind it’s finnland, a small town where I have never met an Israeli 😱 until today 😊 Oh he was so touched and happy. Yah is amazing and always up for special surprise 😀 !”

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