WATCH: Deflecting a knife attack with Krav Maga

WATCH: Deflecting a knife attack with Krav Maga

'Krav Maga Girl' shows us how it's done

Krav Maga Girl, Lior Bitran, an experienced Krav Maga instructor, has put out this video explaining how to defend yourself from a knife attack on the street.

Lior stops regular passes-by in the park to see how they would react to an actual knife attack.

“We met Roni and her baby walking at the park and tried to see how she would defend herself from a sudden attack with a knife,” she explains. The attack is performed by Hagai Bitran.

“This experiment is a good example of how you can protect yourself even if you don’t have any background in martial arts,” she explains. “After learning a few simple moves and knowing where the week points are, you can be more confident about defending yourself in the daily life.”

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