WATCH: Acro-Yoga flashmob in Tel Aviv

WATCH: Acro-Yoga flashmob in Tel Aviv

Pretty amazing to see so many people able to do this sort of thing!

Check out this incredible Acroyoga and Acrobalance Flashmob inTel Aviv, Israel.

There are three primary roles in an Acro-yoga practice: base, flyer, and spotter.

Base – this is the individual who has the most points of contact with the ground. Often this person is lying on the ground with the entire back torso in full contact. This enables both the arms and legs to be “bone-stacked” for maximum stability and support of the Flyer. Main points of contact with the flyer are the feet (generally placed on the Flyer’s hips, groin or lower abdomen) and the hands (which either form handholds or grasp the shoulders).

Flyer – this is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the Base. The Flyer can move into a series of dynamic positions, and generally lets gravity do the work for them. A Flyer needs balance, confidence, and core strength.

Spotter – this is the individual who has an objective view of the partners, and whose entire focus is on making sure that the Flyer lands safely in case of any slips. The spotter can also make recommendations to the Base and Flyer to improve their form.

The video was created by Ofir, Yuval and the Israeli Acro Community
Producer and Director: Talia Naggar
Choreographer and Casting: Ofir Gothilf
Standing Acro: Irit Rohatyn
Director of Photography: Ofer Ben Yehuda
Editor: Tamir Naim
Music: Parov Stelar – All night

Source: Wikipedia

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