Wants U.S. to withdraw from rights council

Wants U.S. to withdraw from rights council

Re your July 30 article on the U.N. Human Rights Council:

Rep. Scott Garrett organized a bipartisan Congressional letter to President Obama urging him to withdraw the United States from the U.N. Human Rights Council. The Council has ignored true human rights violations and concentrated on condemning Israel. A review of the members of the Council should prove that our membership in the Council is meaningless.

Rep. Steve Rothman, who did not sign the letter, told The Jewish Standard, “It is the height of irony that the United Nations Human Rights Council sees fit to disproportionately and unfairly criticize Israel while not addressing the egregious human rights record of many of its own members.”

Despite his recognition of the facts, Rothman insisted, “The Obama administration has said that they decided to participate in this council to fight ‘against the anti-Israel crap.’ I think that so long as our presence on this misnamed council reduces the anti-Israel ‘crap’ coming out of the committee, our membership is worthwhile.”

Our membership on the council gives them our tax money and undeserved prestige. Nothing else has been accomplished.