Wants more coverage for NORPAC, AIPAC

Wants more coverage for NORPAC, AIPAC

NORPAC is the largest pro-Israel Political Action Committee in our nation; it has thousands of members in your service area. AIPAC is the most important political organization in the world fighting for the survival of Israel. These two organizations do not have to repeatedly proclaim that they are pro-Israel. Their actions and policies say it for them.

Both AIPAC and NORPAC are, however, relatively and inexplicably ignored by your paper when compared to the wholly disproportionate exposure you give to J Street. We pay attention to our national leaders at the Conference of Presidents, as we believe it is better to approach members of Congress with a consensus opinion. NORPAC has never been rejected by the Israel ambassador of any coalition. It is at the forefront of sanctions against Iran. We see the proliferation of nuclear weapons coupled with threats of genocide as an issue of paramount importance. We immediately recognized the dangers of the biased Goldstone Report. Yet you virtually exclude our activities from your reporting. It almost appears as if you are rewarding disproportionate coverage to an organization because it aggressively promotes views, policies, and activities rejected by the vast majority of Israel’s government and your readership. It is pathetic, for example, to find your paper giving such disproportionate coverage to J Street’s sudden about-face in supporting the Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2009, after being against it for over a year. This legislation recently passed the U.S. Senate unanimously.

It is time for you to start giving more information and coverage to those organizations that promote the interests of your readers and that actually accomplish good for Israel and the Jewish people.

The editor responds: We list local NORPAC events, run op-ed pieces in support of its work, and cover its major missions, sometimes on the front page. As for “disproportionate coverage to J Street’s about-face,” “man bites dog” (Israel critic sees the light on Iran) is certainly newsworthy.