Wake up now

Wake up now

Unlike Steven Tencer, who has excoriated Republican Sheldon Adelson in a letter to the Jewish Standard (Dec. 7), I was grateful to Adelson for supporting Mitt Romney in the November election. I also thank this paper for giving Adelson a chance to air his views in its pre-election Point-Counterpoint feature. They clearly reflected his concern for our country and for Israel.

As a former Democrat, I have joined others who have changed over. It is always good to test one’s ideas, and the best way is to listen to the “loyal opposition,” and not to tune out if they are bearers of bad news. My late husband, a Holocaust survivor who lost all his family, told us how nobody in his town believed the true stories that filtered back from the camps. If they had listened, many would be alive today.

I think we must tune in to the warning signs of incipient tyranny now appearing in our society, in abuse of the law by the supposed defenders of the law, in the weakening of our system of checks and balances, in the rule of unelected czars, in the politics of class warfare, in the disinformation circulated as truth. Good-hearted Jews are often the last to see evil in others. Let us not once more wake up when it is too late.