Wackiest bagel flavors of 2016

Wackiest bagel flavors of 2016

Remember the rainbow bagel craze that hit New York earlier this year? Well, the story didn’t stop there. A proliferation of over-the-top cereal- and cake-inspired bagels have followed in its wake.

The goal, it seems, isn’t to create the most delicious bagel with cream cheese, but to create the most photogenic and potentially viral one. The more colors it has, the more impossible to eat it is, the better. Social media likes are transforming the humble bagel and cream cheese into something just as indulgent as ice cream sundaes and milkshakes.

03-2-l-bagel-store-nyc-rainbow-bagelRainbow Bagel with Birthday Cake Cream Cheese

The Bagel Store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The bagel that started it all: Scot Rossillo’s rainbow bagel. People aren’t over this yet, as evidenced by the enduring popularity of this Williamsburg shop.

Oreo Bagel with Oreo Cream Cheese and Oreos

The Bagel Nook, Freehold

Oreo cream cheese we’ve heard of. But the Oreo bagel that’s actually stuffed with Oreos is venturing into some uncharted bagel territory. I am both terrified of and concerned about what might come next.

Black and White Truffle Burger Bagel

Bagel Store and Black Tap collaboration, Brooklyn

The black and white bagel, stacked high with bacon, egg, cheese, and a burger, and dripping with black truffle oil, probably could come only from Black Tap. On Sundays only, at Williamsburg’s Bagel Store, you can brunch on this hardcore black sesame and sea salt-sprinkled creation for $19. The bagel itself is probably the most goth one of the bunch. (Clearly this one’s not kosher!)

03-3-v-flex-musselsEverything Donut Bagels

Flex Mussels, NYC

What could be more 2016 than an everything bagel-inspired donut hole? (It definitely makes more sense than the stuffed bagel hole, if you ask me.)


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