Vote for Mercaz

Vote for Mercaz

Rabbi Neal Borovitz writes in support of the World Zionist Congress election (“A view from the pew,” March 20). I am in total agreement with Rabbi Borovitz – with one minor exception. I echo his sentiments that every American Jew has the right to vote in this international parliament of the Jews. In fact, I believe that this is not only a right but a responsibility as well.

Most Standard readers regularly contribute to Federation. The monies allocated by our federation toward Israel can be “steered” by a vote in the WZC toward policies and programs that American Jews support. The WZC is held once every five years. Voting costs $10 – a small price to pay, on top of donations made over a five-year period. If you are reading this letter, please vote. You can do so online, through the American Zionist Movement, at

Finally, please note that I have the honor to have been named to the Mercaz slate of candidates, representing the Conservative movement in America. Twenty members of the Mercaz slate hail from northern New Jersey. For the list of candidates and the Mercaz platform, please go to to learn more.