Volunteers demeaned

Volunteers demeaned

With regard to the controversial decision of Temple Emeth to close their nursery school, I have no present or past affiliation with Temple Emeth, nor have my children ever attended the nursery school (“Do empty pockets make cold hearts,” May 30).

I am cognizant of the sometimes challenging decisions that synagogue boards must make; I served on the board of a local synagogue for many years. I believe that the overwhelming majority of synagogue board members take their charge seriously and are committed to acting in the best interest of the synagogue. Although synagogue boards are not perfect, the overriding objective when the board formulates a decision is for the process to be fair.

I particularly take exception to Rabbi Bellino, who was quoted as characterizing synagogue volunteers as “incompetent.” It would appear that the rabbi was speaking out of personal anger and certainly not with any measured restraint, as you would expect if he were speaking from the pulpit. His comments were demeaning and mean-spirited to all dedicated, committed, and responsible volunteer synagogue board members. Furthermore, he continued to vent by taking a cheap shot at the “irrelevant” future status of Temple Emeth, which serves no meaningful purpose other than to divide and inflame the very community in which he lives.

Perhaps some of the “incompetent” synagogue volunteers in this rabbi’s synagogue will have an opportunity to learn about his offensive and insensitive comments.