Unwarranted attack

Unwarranted attack

One of the greatest strengths of Judaism is its strong tradition of respecting and encouraging differences of opinion. The Jewish Standard has clearly honored this tradition by providing a very broad range of perspectives, from its many columnists, the d’var Torah section written by rabbis from different backgrounds, and of course the letters to the editor.

Therefore, we were very disappointed that Rabbi Jacobowitz, who disagrees with opinions expressed by Rabbi Engelmayer, threatened the Jewish Standard with action that “may redound to the detriment of your newspaper” if Rabbi Engelmayer’s opinion pieces aren’t changed (Letters, July 27). Rabbi Jacobowitz claims that different perspectives should promote shalom bayit within the community, yet then threatens the Jewish Standard when it prints pieces that he finds objectionable. This kind of punitive threat is what can tear the Jewish community apart.

Instead of threats of action against the Jewish Standard, Rabbi Jacobowitz and members of the Orthodox community that he states he represents should present opinion columns of their own to the Jewish Standard expressing their points of view, and/or they should write letters to the editor expressing specific points of contrast to anything they find objectionable in columns written by others, including Rabbi Englemayer.