Ultimate Jerusalem-If-I-Forget-You Playlist

Ultimate Jerusalem-If-I-Forget-You Playlist

The Psalm says you may as well forget how to use your right hand if you forget Jerusalem. These incredible versions of this song won't let you ever forget.

“If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem” – a lyric in songs throughout history and all over the world. The verse comes from Psalm 137.

We’ve pretty much listened to every version there is on YouTube and compiled the very best for you. Tell us which you liked the best (and if we forgot any – leave them in the comments section).


Here is Israeli Singer Ben Snoff, one of the hottest Jewish religious singers in Israel.

Next is,  DJ Idan Elban remixes the above version.

Mizrachi musical legend Benny Elbaz and his son Gad sing a pretty epic version.

The harmonious and great Cantor Naftali Hershtik and his son sing together at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue many years ago.

Young Jerusalem born singer, Meydad Tesa sings his heart out for the Betar Football Team.

Matisyahu’s version is very different from the previous videos played before.

Matisyahu’s post-transformation of the song with an incredibly heartfelt harmonized version.


Here is the singer’s live version.

Here is his cover version with beatbox.

Ah,  an old time favorite: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

Yaakov Schwekey

IDF Band does Schwekey version

Local Acapella band, “Shir Soul”

Bella Eizgov Sings Hadar Yakoub’s version


Original version by an Israeli girls’ choir

Puppet Version

On a String Quartet in Monaco

This girl both sang and choreographed a dance to it for her Bat Mitzvah

We hope you enjoyed. Rate from one to ten and share with us your thoughts or let us know if you found others to add to the list!

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