Ugly reactions

Ugly reactions

I am greatly disturbed by some of the comments in that followed the announcement of Valley Chabad’s plans to develop the Galaxy Gardens in Woodcliff Lake. They clearly indicate the presence of xenophobia.

1) “You have to keep both eyes open when dealing with these people. They pulled a similar scheme off in Randolph – with one of their “BS” chabads. They have probably already “convinced” ($$$) the local planning board of the benefits of their plan. The property should be immediately fenced off and posted “no trespassing” as they will come in and just do what they want to–.”

2) “This will be a crowd exceeding more than a few thousand, I will bet this group tends to produce very large families.”

3) “Careful, all of the taxes (that) they saved in Lakewood will be used to buy your entire town.”

4) “It sickens me how these ‘religious’ groups can take up entire towns, city blocks, pay zero taxes and serve only their own – and exclude others.”

These ugly statements serve only to arouse fear and hostility. They are xenophobic and should have no place in fair debate.