Two Interesting Writers

Two Interesting Writers

Max Brand (1892-1944)

You remember the writer who wrote all those Westerns?
His father was Jewish, his mother Irish. His real name was Frederick Schiller Faust.
He wrote 900 stories and 600 full-length novels.
He wrote Destry Rides Again and invented Dr. Kildare.
He called himself “The Jewish Cowboy.”

Amy Levy (1861-1889)

The first Jewish woman to matriculate at Newnha, College, Cambridge.
She wrote poetry, novels, shorter fiction. Oscar Wilde, who wrote her obituary, said she had a touch of genius.
She was the first Jewish woman to be cremated in England.
At age 27, she had committed suicide in her parents’ home in London by suffocating herself with charcoal fumes.
Her family burned her private papers-probably because of their Lesbian content.

 from the wonderfully readable book Lives of the Novelists,” by John Sutherland, Yale Universirty Press, 2012.

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