Trump’s Twitter twaddle

Trump’s Twitter twaddle

Choosing a president for the United States of America is supposed to be a serious business.

Luckily for this page, that is not always the case.

The most recent intersection of the 2016 campaign, the absurd, and the somewhat-Jewy came this week. It concerned Donald Trump’s Twitter page.

It seems the Donald retweeted and then quickly deleted an image of a Nazi flag alongside a photograph of fellow Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

The image, a collage that the real estate mogul retweeted to his more than 4.5 million Twitter followers, also featured an image of Bush in a sombrero, standing next to a cactus.

“This was retweeted by Mr. Trump like hundreds of others. He did not see the accompanying image, and the retweet has since been deleted,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the Washington Post.

Frankly, we would have found it a bit more presidential had he blamed the thick-fingered snafu on a social media intern.

This is not the first such Internet failure from the billionaire who promises to make America great again.

In July, Trump was criticized for tweeting an image of an American flag with his face superimposed over the stars and Nazi soldiers featured in one of its stripes. In August, he fired one of his Jewish advisers for racist Facebook posts.

JTA Wire Service & Larry Yudelson

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