Tracking Osama bin Laden on GPS

Tracking Osama bin Laden on GPS

Think he’s sitting in a cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan? A UCLA scientist says the arch-terrorist is more likely in a walled compound on the edges of the Pakistani border. USA Today reports that Thomas Gillespie has narrowed bin Laden’s location down to three compounds.

Not bad at all. The first question, though, is will the government go looking in these areas, and then will they finally find him?

I spent the past weekend in a chess tournament in Parsippany and as I was about to make my way home Saturday night, my GPS died on me. Fortunately I knew the way home and the routes I took to and from the tournament after tha were significantly easier than the route my GPS took me getting to the hotel. And although I know my way back to Pennsylvania, sometimes for fun I’ll use my GPS to see its recommended route. For some reason it tells me to take Route 4 to Route 17 to get on to Route 80, rather than just picking up Route 80 directly in Teaneck.

So what’s the point of this sidebar? You can’t always trust global positioning systems to get you where you’re going quickly – or to find terrorists.

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