To Atid’s defense

To Atid’s defense

As a Yeshivat He’Atid parent and a tech savvy educator at a local public school, I wanted to correct Nancy Edelman’s confusion in her Dec. 9 letter regarding the blended learning curriculum that will be utilized in our classrooms.

Yeshiva He’Atid’s model has been proven highly successful in parochial schools across the country. The mix of face-to-face learning with online learning does not replace teacher-student interaction; it facilitates it. The technology allows teachers to spend more face time with students who need it to master key concepts.

As an educator, I find this model particularly enticing because it enables differentiation in the classroom. I love that students, parents, and teachers will receive feedback in real-time about a student’s progress. I like that I will not be paying for services my child will probably not need. If my child needs them, I am more than happy to pay for them out of pocket; I do not expect the community to shoulder that responsibility.

I cannot think of anything more 21st century, more student-centered, more project-driven, and quite frankly more empowering to students than being given the skills to drive their own education. Yeshivat He’Atid will cut costs, but I believe it also will strengthen my child by preparing her for a life of learning.