Thinking cool on a hot day

Thinking cool on a hot day

Hope everyone enjoyed their July 4 barbecues and hope they continue well into the fall. We cooked corn on the cob (wetting the outside husks) on the barbecue and it was delicious.

My newly married daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Adam, hosted their first official July 4 barbecue as a married couple. My son-in-law did not turn the burgers (made with fresh chop meat) too frequently and they came out perfectly. As a special treat, they made french fries in the oven – pair that with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the farm and delicious berries and melon..and perfect weather…what could be bad?

So this week had temperatures over the 100 degree mark. I am sure all my blog followers are drinking lots of water. I made a few pitchers of home-made iced tea using herb tea bags. The one pitcher made with vanilla chai was especially delicious. There are two ways of making iced tea (actually three if you just buy a mix and add water)… Boil a pot of water and fill a large pitcher, about 3/4 full. Add 5 tea bags and let sit out on the counter until it is luke warm. Chill in the refrigerator and serve over ice. Another way (and fun for a family with children) is to take a glass pitcher, fill with water, add tea bags, and leave outside to make “sun tea.” (Also chill when it is the right brewed color). Add sugar and/or lemon for taste. If you just want to make a quick glass of fresh iced tea, boil water, fill the glass 1/2 way, add a tea bag, put a stainless steel spoon in a glass (this prevents breaking), and add ice, slowly.

As for iced coffee, I am not one to make it at home. I love my fresh-brewed hot cup in the morning. I have to admit, I seem to be stopping frequently at Lazy Bean Cafe in Teaneck for their delicious iced (or regular) coffee. I have to admit, sometimes I also buy one of their low-fat, 175-calorie, naturally sweetened muffins. My favorite are the corn. I do not know how these muffins taste so good and have so little in them.. I think it says they are approximately three Weight Watchers points, too. Almost too good to be true….Stop by and taste the goodies!!!

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