They got it exactly right

They got it exactly right

I had to read Ari Weisbrot’s July 1 op-ed article three times, because I truly could not believe the words I was reading. The third time, I read it to my husband who was driving, and he was so apoplectic that I had to remind him to keep his hands on the wheel – which he did. Imagine – being accountable while driving behind the wheel of a car!

Incredible as it may seem to Mr. Weisbrot, most of the people whom I know, including myself, have enough respect for the law and other human beings than to ever drink and drive. Mr. Weisbrot may be surprised to know that I never have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and then get behind the wheel of a car. And if my husband wants to have a drink, he won’t drive either. It’s simple: If you want to have a drink, have someone else drive. And if you have to drive, don’t drink any alcohol. None. There are many non-alcoholic drinks to be had if you must have a bottle or a glass in your hand. Deciding beforehand isn’t a very hard trait to practice; we do it in other aspects of our life all of the time. Dieting? Eat before you get to the party. Driving? Decide that you will have a soda, juice, or “mock-tail” before you get to the bar.

So let me get this straight: “Lawrence” was arrested twice for drunken driving. (Imagine the other times he wasn’t caught). He then went out to drink yet again, brought his car, yet again, and this time killed an innocent man, a father of two children. And this, according to Mr. Weisbrot, an attorney sworn to uphold the law, is not worthy of a 19- year prison sentence. I say they got it exactly right. To gripe that a man who killed while driving drunk did not get his fair shake of the prison law roulette is to see exactly who is the loser here. And it is not the citizens of South Florida.