The thermostat

The thermostat

So many topics and only 750 words to cover them in…. I might have to make this a miniseries.

We will start out with the most important thing that happened in the house. Husband #1 finally paid someone to fix the heat on the third floor. You see, GD #1 and her parents sleep on this floor. The thermostat had been broken for quite some time. According to the weather forecast, it was going to be both warm and chilly over the weekend. Normally, we would just let Son #1 figure out his blanket situation on his own. But now, thank God, we have our little strudel and our favorite Dil #1 (not to be confused with our now-official-in-the-eyes-of-God-and-the-United-States favorite Dil #2), and Husband #1 had to put his Monsey upbringing aside and pay for someone to make sure that the residents of the third floor don’t wake up frozen. Good times. This is also the man who only would turn the air-conditioning on when actual steam would rise up from the carpet and we rented the third floor out as a sauna. I am kidding. Sort of.

This is where HVAC Ready Air, Heat and Refrigeration come in. Two religious guys from the neighborhood who decided to forgo the whole “doctor, lawyer, finance” trend and go to school for an extremely useful trade. I always love the religious guys who know how to fix things. It absolutely amazes me, since my wonderful Husband #1 does not (but he is very good at so many other things). Husband #1 does know how to use a phone, and he called HVAC Ready Air because we had heard wonderful things about them and they are based in Teaneck and it was almost the weekend and he knew that if he didn’t take care of it, the wrath of the Frazzled Housewife might rear its ugly head.

The guys called back right away and came a few hours later. The quick timing was a blessing and greatly appreciated. But then they actually fixed it and explained the issue in a way that even I was able to understand. And then all was right with the world. Or at least the third floor. So if you ever “need a guy” to fix your heat or ac or anything related to that, keep their name handy. Okay, so that is part one of the part one of this series.

The reason why we needed to upgrade our home was because Son #2 was getting married. Thank God. And now he is actually married. Thank God. Again, I do not take these things lightly or for granted. The whole dating world has gone crazy. No more parties for kids to socialize at. Very few ways for kids to meet organically. It is a little nuts. Now there are resumes and rules and only certain people you can go through. What color tablecloth does the boy’s mother use is the least of the questions asked. Length of the shirt sleeves, measurements of the waist, color of eyes, place attended in Israel, how many Books of Moses are memorized…the minutia of the questions could give you a serious headache. But having boys makes it a little easier. A boy without a job or education can still find someone amazingly smart, kind, funny, warm, and wonderful. Thank God. And I feel for the girls, I really do. But that is a topic for another column.

We celebrated our adorable Son #2 this past weekend, leading up to his wedding day, which was this past Sunday. It was so beautiful. The food, catered by Caterer #1, who catered my bat mitzvah 39 years ago, followed by my wedding, three bar mitzvahs, and now two aufrufs, was inspiring. Yes, food can be inspiring, especially when it involves really good stuffing. The speeches were heartfelt, funny, and with just the right amount of Torah (which, for me, is not too much Torah, no offense to my Oreos…).

The best part of the weekend was realizing something about my three beautiful boys. As a parent, you do the best you can and you hope for the best. I always have told my boys that they are each others’ best friends. During the weekend, listening to them talk about each other, I realized that they have formed relationships with each other totally independent of their relationships with me and their dad. And they really are each other’s best friends.

Please God let that always continue, and may all of our children always get along in good health and simcha.

More to come next week.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck still is wondering how a day that was 13 hours of activity went by in 5 minutes….

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