The Therapy Gym just got bigger and better

The Therapy Gym just got bigger and better

The Therapy Gym, which opened its doors in Teaneck more than a decade ago, has a new home. It’s still located in Teaneck. It’s still quite convenient for clients and families. But the new facility has expanded its space more than two-fold, added several new and exciting accoutrements, and will be offering on-site swimming with its new pool.

“I always had this vision, especially to have an aquatic program and a therapeutic pool on site,” said The Therapy Gym’s founder and owner, Elisheva Fuchs, a Teaneck native and mother of four. Previously, clients would be transported off site to a local hotel for aquatic therapy. “I searched for a couple of years and found this location.”

What Ms. Fuchs has created is a therapy wonderland.

The new 5,000-square-foot site at 1400 Palisades Avenue includes a spacious gym area with lofty 16-foot ceilings, six private treatment rooms that double the number from the previous West Englewood Avenue location, and a host of other features: a rock-climbing wall, monkey bars, a zipline, a ball pit, private therapy rooms, three bathrooms, and of course the pool, just to name a few.

“The parents love it,” said Ms. Fuchs, who opened the doors to the new facility in early February. “And the kids love it. They don’t want to leave.”

The larger space also allows for a multitude of therapies. In designing the new facility, Ms. Fuchs created several private treatment rooms. Included is a baby room — Ms. Fuchs, who holds a doctorate of physical therapy, personally treats the babies. It is equipped with baby toys, a color map on the floor, and other age-appropriate items. An occupational therapy room keys in on sensory regulation, among other things. It is a calm space equipped with special yogibo mats, large bean bag mats that have a calming effect when used, and lighting that encourages a peaceful ambience. The sensory motor room features soft mats, a swing, ninja bars, which are similar to monkey bars attached to the wall. The speech therapy room is a quiet space where clients can develop language and articulation. There also is a large room with a built-in kitchen where clients will learn ADL (Activities of Daily Living), such as food preparation. It is also a space for messy play.

Ms. Fuchs said that while the carefully and colorfully designed new facility is well-equipped, she is continuing to add features and equipment.

“This is a fun space where we can work on skills that would benefit the client,” she said.

The new facility also allows for a greater number of therapists to work and offers greater convenience for clients who may be taking back-to-back therapies.

The Therapy Gym has also expanded its ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services, a mode of therapy typically associated with the treatment of autism, but not exclusively so.

Ms. Fuchs pointed out that while most of her clients have varying degrees of special needs, The Therapy Gym also offers classes and other services for neurotypical clients, such as Mommy & Me Yoga, social skills classes, and others.

This summer, The Therapy Gym is also offering a therapeutic program for 3- and 4-year-olds, and 5- and 6-year-olds in small groups of 5 children.

Another plus of the new site? There is on-site private parking.

As for what’s ahead in the future?

Said Ms. Fuchs, “I hope The Therapy Gym can become the go-to center for all children in the community and neighborhood, for all of their special needs and to help them with their growth and development.”

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