The sin of omission

The sin of omission

In reading your opinion piece “What shuls can learn from shoes” (March 2013), I bring to your attention that the Jewish Federation of Rockland is a founding partner of the Rockland Jewish Initiative (RJI). All published fliers, eblasts and synagogue announcements made it abundantly clear that RJI is not only a federation program, but that the Wolfson event itself was heavily supported by the resources of the federation. This was unambiguously clear by both Lisa Green, who founded RJI, and our guest speaker, Ron Wolfson, both of whom acknowledged federation support and vital role.

Organizations go to great lengths to ensure that stakeholders see how resources are utilized and how funds are spent. Not mentioning federation in a community newspaper hurts everyone. Further, the campus is in the midst of an important capital campaign to secure its long-term future. Writing that our event occurred at the JCC misses a crucial opportunity to highlight that the campus represents more than just the JCC. It is home to many tenants, just one being the federation.

Editor’s note: No slight was intended. The article stated Ron Wolfson “shook hands with everyone who entered the social hall at the JCC.” Schwartz Social Hall, the venue for the event, belongs to the JCC.

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