The RCBC responds

The RCBC responds

Congregation Keter Torah, Teaneck, Orthodox

This is written in a spirit of friendship and with the desire to work together in the future.

1. The RCBC did not know about the solidarity event in Hackensack on Dec. 27 and its members therefore should not have been taken to task for their absence.

2. The RCBC did express support to the victimized congregation.

3. The claim that ours is the “only community” in which a separate Orthodox Board of Rabbis exists is false.

4. You stated that “there are rabbis in the Orthodox community who follow the opinion of some Orthodox decisors that it is forbidden even to walk in to a non-Orthodox synagogue.” This was based on an impression and not a factual finding.

Best wishes for your continued success and with the role that we all could play in bringing even more harmony to our community.