The oppression of Gaza continues

The oppression of Gaza continues

The AP reports that Hamas has now banned women from smoking water pipes, adding to the oppressive restrictions the terrorist group has imposed on Gaza since it violently took control three years ago.

Women cannot ride motorbikes, are forced to wear headscarves, men cannot wear shorts, and don’t even try to be gay in Gaza, it’s not allowed. And if you’re walking down the street with a woman you’re not married to? Forget it.

Plainclothes officers frequently stop couples walking in the streets, demanding to see marriage licenses. Some residents say they have been interrogated, even beaten, on suspicion they are gay or had extramarital sex.

Six young men told The Associated Press that they were all harassed by plainclothes agents who demanded they move away from women they were walking with, because they weren’t married. One man said he was detained and slapped around.

Human rights activist Subhiya Juma said she is aware of hundreds of similar cases.

An Internet cafe owner said he was ordered to ban women from his establishment last year after another plainclothes agent saw women smoking inside. Two other Gaza cafe owners said they asked men and women to sit at separate tables to avoid harassment by Hamas police.

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