The Jewish Slandered

The Jewish Slandered


Just in time for Purim, one of Israel’s leading snack food makers has come out with a spliffy new flavor.

“CannaBissli offers the traditional processed snack feel you’ve come to love with an herbal edge that will have you floating,” said a Bissli spokesman.

CannaBissli bears the joint kosher supervision seal of the Israeli High Rabbinate and the Colorado Rabbinical Council.

“Everything is totally kosher, man” said Rabbi Mary Jane Bernstein, head of the rabbinical council and principal of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Yeshiva High School.

“These new snacks make for totally awesome shalach manot, man,” she continued.

“And it’s a double mitzvah – if you eat a few bags, you won’t be able to tell the difference between Haman and, you know, what’s his name.”

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