The issue is propriety

The issue is propriety

It seems to many of us that the issue of the constitutionality of the mosque near Ground Zero is being demagogued – especially by leftists. The real issue is one of propriety, not of property rights, about being a good neighbor and not being a “Shachen Ra.”

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“The presence of the perpetrator of manslaughter is so grievous to the family of the victim, that he must remove himself to an Ir Miqlat (Galut).”

Jewish tradition abhors being “in-your-face.” Walk humbly before God, not triumphantly. And how many of the numerous Muslim victory monuments are 13 stories tall? This mosque is by no means a Muslim “shtiebel.”

Have we Jews become so legalistic that we can applaud bad manners because it’s “technically allowed”?

Shouldn’t Mayor Bloomberg likewise endorse Etz Chaim’s consitutional rights to its location? After all, how close is too close?