The continuing adventures of Kayak Dov

The continuing adventures of Kayak Dov

“Kayak Dov” Neimand recently sent an e-mail to The Jewish Standard updating us on his kayak trip from Spain to Israel.

On a good day, he wrote, he wakes up at 6 a.m. and is in the water by 7 and he tries to be back on dry land by 5 p.m.

“Unfortunately with all of the delays that have come up a more realistic goal may be Athens,” he wrote. “We’ll see how far I get. Truly, Athens and Israel are only secondary goals. The first goal is to have an awesome time kayaking and to see some of Europe. That, is going extremely well.

“The kayaking has been what I expected, and now that I have my gear together again, it’s moved from being a good time to a genuine joy.”

We’ll continue to keep tabs on Dov as he continues his journey. And we wish him success. You can keep up with Dov, too, at

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