The community responds…

The community responds…

I was shocked and chagrined that you chose to run a large, full-color announcement heralding the upcoming “marriage” of two Jewish men.

Where is your sensitivity about the foundational role of Jewish tradition and continuity, as exemplified by the sacred Jewish family? Did you consult with halachic authorities regarding the propriety of including this abominable announcement in your paper? Did you dialogue with community rabbinical and lay leadership regarding the advisability of creating an eruption of ill will among Jews who value tradition?

We live in a time when homosexuals are lobbying for greater understanding of their lifestyle. In the halachic community, many feel that homosexual men and women should be treated with dignity and compassion. Nevertheless, halacha gives no sanction to the notion that homosexual “marriage” is acceptable. The Babylonian Talmud notes that the ancient Greeks and Romans committed many foul acts, but even they had the sense to shy away from homosexual “marriage.”

It is reprehensible and utterly unacceptable for The Jewish Standard, a newspaper financially supported by the broader Jewish community, to publish an announcement that unabashedly states that two homosexuals “plan to be married.” Until now, your newspaper has been welcomed into Jewish homes throughout Bergen County as a source of interesting news about our community. Having so blatantly and egregiously offended the sensibilities of so many of your readers, one can well ask: Should the halachic Jewish community continue to welcome your newspaper into its midst?

I urge you to reconsider this ill-advised action, publish an apology, and change your course back towards respect for Jewish values.