Thanking our military

Thanking our military

I received my belated copy of the Jewish Standard and it reignited some displeasures I thought I came to terms with, but have not. In an editorial citing the bravery of first responders to “Sandy’s worst, our best,” (Nov. 2) credit is given to police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, ambulance drivers, and the like. Omitted is the recognized respect due our military. I would argue that our military deserves being cited as an entity and not looked for in a diaphanous category, “the like”.

I remember when I requested that the Y I belong to display a yellow ribbon to honor our troops who serve our nation. My request was denied with the reason it would be political to do so. Could it be that citing our military for its contribution to meeting “Sandy’s worst” is also thought by some to be political?

In its answer to emergency assistance, the military sent troops and airplanes to transport repair vehicles and service people from various parts of the country. (Repairmen from California worked at my house.)

I am grateful for the service of all those cited for bravery in response to Sandy. But I remember a refusal to recognize American service men and women, who are among our first responders, and I hope that our citizenry would say thank you to our military who are always here for us.

I would be pleased to know there are others who remember as well.